Quiet as a Mouse – British Flag [Over the Hedge]

British Flag is the debut EP from Edinburgh quartet Quiet as a Mouse, offering an alternative indie vibe with a fresh guitar driven sound and lyrics, which lead singer and writer Alex Moran states that he writes with “bravery and honesty”.

Musically there are hints of Public Image Ltd and there is a lyrical throw back to Scottish heroes Belle and Sebastian but their style is pretty unique and refreshing in the present market.

Title track ‘British Flag’  has a hard edgy lead guitar almost thrashing over simple lyrics during the chorus which softens for verse before taking over to push the track on.

Soft drums accompany the track to provide an interesting and appealing mix with the guitar, which hooks the listener in a song that highlights the bands unique style.

Perhaps this song has a relevance to the present political shape of Scotland?

‘Christina its Christmas Time’  in Moran’s own words is a song about “a relationship that never took off,” and it’s the highlight of the record with a dazzling melody over softly song lyrics juxtaposing the harshness of the songs meaning; “I’d rather fuck it up than stay the same,”  gives you a hint about what the band are trying to deliver.

The acoustic ‘Oliviatown’ slows down the EP down and gives an insight to the bands flexibility and is gloriously backed by violinist Malcolm Bushby, I would love to hear more of this style from the band.

The record is completed by the punky up tempo ‘Head Turner’, which provides biting guitar and a 90’s indie feel.

Overall, this a great first offering from Quiet as a Mouse who’s style should provide them with a loyal following, give it a listen if you like indie rock but are prepared to hear it delivered with a twist and tempo changes to peak the interest.

Words: Peter Dorrington


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