Honeyblood at CCA, 13/09/14

What Honeyblood lack in stage presence and energy the make up for in cuteness and sincerity, the Glaswegian duo (Stina Tweeddale and Shona McVicar) play tonight’s gig as the end of the Scottish leg, of what is to be a month long UK tour taking them right across the country.

The show is completely sold out and the pair themselves even seem shocked at this, muttering praise and thanks in between songs and at one point Stina even chirps in, “I’ll be over there (points to back of the room) later if anyone wants to come and speak to me, I’ll be selling our record, thanks to Fat Cat Records we actually have stuff to sell”.

It’s funny then not to see the pair seem more energised on stage, but the calm burgeoning melancholy between the pair seems to suit the gait of their music, playing their debut self-titled LP , which was released earlier this year, in its entirety, the pair hurtle through a 50-minute set at breakneck speed.

Considering there is only two people up on the stage wielding a guitar, drum kit and a healthy amount of effects pedals, the pair effortlessly conjure up high volume, lo-fi scuzzy beach pop, no easy feat when you site rain soaked Glasgow as your hometown.

It’s only a few songs in when they unleash ‘Killer Bangs’ an imitable, power thrust of 90’s garage with a boppy, sing-along chorus, which seems to startle the CCA crowd out of their convalescence.

Honeyblood have been compared to bands like The Breeders and PJ Harvey and with songs like ‘Choker’ that has an opening riff that is so uncannily similar to the infamous ‘Cannonball’ it will have you looking around the room just to make sure Kim Deal herself isn’t actually standing up there.

Other stand out tracks include ‘Bud’, which is two-minutes-and-46-seconds of pure whimsical pop, and ‘Fall Forever’, a fussy angular romantic ditty, with the same echoing vocal reverb of Best Coast.

As suspected, popular hit ‘Super Rat’ has the audience ferociously singing out loud the easy to chant chorus of, “I will hate you forever”, a song penned after a cheating boyfriend.

With a quick “thank you” at the end the house lights are turned up abruptly and the band make their way off stage, no doubt to freshen up before heading over to sell some of their records to their keen fan base.

There’s high hopes for the Glaswegian garage duo, they have the sincerity and are refreshingly down to earth, fingers crossed the UK tour does well to bolster their reputation, as one of Glasgow’s finest new upstarts.

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Words/Photos: Ang Canavan


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