Poor Frisco – Poor Frisco

With the summer of 2014 being now dead and buried under this already freezing autumn, people tend remember those cherished moments spent lying on a beach, margarita in one hand, sunscreen in the other but then the wake-up call is always magnificently brutal.

To help with that summery nostalgia Poor Frisco have released four songs that will definitely help cure that lack of sunshine.

Funnily enough, the first few notes of ‘Change Your Name’ resemble so much ‘Gotta Get Away’ from The Black Keys that it will literally put a smile on your face.

The band follows different influences, trying to mix up what was dearest to the punk/pop movement in the nineties (distorted guitar riffs, loud drums) and incorporate their Scottish touch with that heavy vocal that lays over the tracks creating a sense of melancholy that clashes with the heavy melodies.

The devil’s advocate would tell you that those songs echo one another and are very similar; however they all seem to collide as part of the same dynamic and rhythmic entity that hits you with a certain kick.

This relentless pop, is very open and instinctive in accordance to what made the punk/pop movement so very attractive.

Those songs will bring you back to the sweet garden of your youth when you used to listen to music as loud as you could as if there was no tomorrow.

Despite the loud resonance of their songs, Poor Frisco delivers an interesting EP, it is brash, noisy but the lyrics seem very intimate and personal, especially on ‘Staying In Love’, a song that builds up before a sonic explosion, mimicking to perfection Sonic Youth’s frazzled sound and poignant vocalism.

Words: Jeremy Veyret

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