Clyde 1 In Demand with Twin Atlantic, Prides, Vukovi at QMU, 15/9/14

The atmosphere inside the QMU tonight is exceptional, full of students ready for another chance to relax, socialise and enjoy music before the start of a busy semester ahead.

I’ve only been to a few gigs at QMU and have never been extremely impressed by the venue itself, however tonight’s incredible line-up is enough to encourage me to give it another chance.

I am excited for tonight’s first band, Vukovi, after many hearing positive reviews of their live shows, the band burst onto the stage energetically, feeding off the incredible atmosphere and involving the crowd from the start.

Janine Shilstone has a great energy, making the most of the stage by bouncing around it and the crowd love it, Vukovi do not want their set to just be watched; they want the crowd to be having as much fun as they are.

The band breaks into a rock cover of Rudimental’s ‘Waiting All Night’ warming up the crowd’s voices before Shilstone jumps into the middle of it to hold a “singing competition” by encouraging each side to sing “yeah” back to her; an incredible end to a memorable set.

By this point the QMU was packed full of excited and slightly tipsy freshers making me feel slightly out of place so I to head upstairs to the balcony, upstairs is much quieter and therefore I am surprised to be met with such an amazing view of both the stage and crowd below me, maybe many are still to discover this view.

It is not long until Prides greet the crowd by shouting “evening freshers!” before bursting into popular track ‘The Seeds You Sow’, it doesn’t take long to get the crowd moving again, their hands are in the air and clapping as soon as they are encouraged to do so.

Prides are full of passion and energy tonight, and even when there is a problem with the drum set the band decide to joke about it and carry on anyway.

The damaged tom drum doesn’t dampen the band or crowd’s mood as they both continue to give it their all before closing their set by dedicating ‘Messiah’ to “anyone who’s just moved to Glasgow, the most beautiful city in the world” leaving the crowd excited for this evening final band.

Suddenly ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ belts out of speakers and the whole crowd joins in till the very end when singing turns into screams and cheers as headliners Twin Atlantic take the stage.

Despite not being a massive Twin Atlantic fan this is my fourth time seeing them live and I can’t deny that they put on an incredible show, “I hope you like rock ‘n’ roll music” shouts Sam McTrusty five-minutes into their set, before bursting into first song played from the band’s second album ‘The Ghost of Eddie’.

McTrusty is keeping the crowd on their toes, encouraging them to sit down on the floor of the venue before jumping up and going completely wild again, the band then treat the crowd to ‘Hold On’, a song not usually played live and a nice addition to tonight’s set.

Then come the obvious crowd pleasers, ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and ‘Yes, I was Drunk’ followed by ‘Free’ cause the crowd to lose control; throwing their hands in the air and joining in with each song, the band then slows things down for ‘Crash Land’, giving the crowd a much needed chance to catch their breath.

However things don’t stay slow for long as ‘Make a Beast of Myself’ is greeted by loud and enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, ready give it their all.

Twin Atlantic close their set with the lead single from their latest album ‘Heart and Soul’ leaving the crowd truly satisfied.

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Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Vito Andreoni


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