Woods, Faiides at Broadcast, 25/9/14

Faiides describe themselves as ‘shoegaze on speed’, and while there is a touch of that, their four-chord riffs, simple pentatonic hooks and The Cure-style chorus-laden guitar sound more 80s pop than 90s noise – this is no bad thing, but does eventually feel formulaic.

Thankfully, penultimate song ‘Fear and Loathing in the Gala Casino’ comes along and rips up the rulebook, being not only their best named number but their most inventive, shifting mid-way from frantic punk to slow rumbling riffage.

Brooklyn folk-rockers Woods have a talent for covering a lot of sounds for a three piece, singer-guitarist Jeremy Earl regularly switches from acoustic to electric, the bassist plays slide guitar for the George Harrison-esque ‘Full Moon’, and their drummer tinkers with tambourine and brushes.

The same can be said of their songwriting, there’s folk and country, psych freak-outs and ambient interludes, some solid rock and plenty of catchy hooks, the common denominator in all being a keen sense of melody.

The only low point of the set is its abrupt end, with no encore despite the enthusiastic audience and not even a merch stall to satisfy those of us who hadn’t had enough.

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Words: CR Sanderson
Photos: NPG

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