Casual Sex (Single Launch), Ubre Blanca, Sluts of Trust at CCA, 6/10/14

The confidently monikered Casual Sex prepare to unleash their new double single tonight on Glasgow’s Art Hub the CCA but before that Sluts of Trust open proceedings with dystopian visions sung in a grim Glaswegian accents.

At one point a surprisingly upbeat number gets the crowd dancing momentarily, however they seem like a band that relish being downbeat as the frontman jokes “that was our Christmas single” after a particularly moody number.

Ubre Blanca follow with a brilliant journey through electronica, their songs that echo 90s kids show themes and 80s movies wow the audience and transcend the sound to a whole new level.

Casual Sex enter stage after watching the show from the crowd and their unashamedly retro sound manages to encompass the best of their indie forefathers as the band reproduce their late seventies post punk sounds creating a new and exciting canvas.

Tightly wound the band start their set with an almost rockabilly energy, very apt for singer Sam Smith’s Joe Meek style attire and songs are thrown at the audience in such concentrated bursts that Smith has time to quip “you can clap”.

Seductive basslines on tracks like ‘Bastard Beat’ and ‘Disco’ see the band in full flow and it’s clear Casual Sex are in complete ease on stage as shuddering rhythms make way for electro soundscapes.

Effortlessly, Smith switches between synthesiser and electric guitar adding an essential Brian Eno quality to the mix, a snapped string, tests his fettle and the frontman and uses it as an opportunity to try out his Beano-esque repertoire (and borrowed lipstick).

New singles ‘Pissing Neon’ and ‘Perfect Storm’ make there debut and go down well, as Casual Sex with groove and humour wrap things up in a refreshingly cool beat and look set for great things.

Words: Peter Johnstone


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