Carnivores – Let’s Get Metaphysical [Smalltown America]

Pulling on influences as like Idlewild, Elvis Costello and Nirvana three-piece alt rockers Carnivores release their debut album Let’s Get Metaphysical at the end of this month.

The album jumps right into it thick and fast with title track and lead single, ‘an upbeat catchy pop-punk song featuring plenty of hardcore riffs mixed in with beautifully contrasting melodies.

Carnivores don’t slow down as second track ‘Insecuricor’ blasts through the speakers, showing a heavier side to the Paisley rockers and just as you think it’s over the track slowly comes back to life with chanting lyrics “whatever you want to say about me, that’s what I’ll never be” before the heavy guitar comes crashing back to finish things off.

Standout ‘Apathy In The UK’ and fan favourite ‘Scottish Football’ have a raw and honest feel to them, showing a more aggressive side of Carnivores, they’re packed full of passion, sentiments of old-fashioned punk and questioning lyrics reminiscent of early 80’s hardcore.

This aggressive sound continues in the politically loaded ‘John Maynard Keynes’, a stab at 19th Century economist, Keynes, who has had a large influence on today’s government, confirming that addressing the current state of our nation is one of the album’s strong themes.

Let’s Get Metaphysical was recorded live over six days with producer Bruce Rintoul (Twin Atlantic/Fatherson) and lead Kenny Leckie has stated that the band wanted to “make something that was musically and emotionally very raw and real.”

Carnivores have more then managed to achieve this and produced an album that matches the raw intensity of the band’s live show while allowing them to show a more melodic side to their sound.

This melodic side is perfectly reflected in Leckie’s vocals on more hopeful sounding tracks ‘Crooked Teeth’ and ‘Watching Fireworks’ demonstrating Carnivores ability to produce a range of unique tracks that will never become tiresome.

There is a pleasant surprise in ‘A Shadow Of A Shadow’ where the departure of thunderous riffs is met by the sound of delightful brass, making it clear Carnivores want to make their individual mark with this album.

The band doesn’t let you snatch a breath from there diving straight into ‘The Second Wave Of Yuppie Scum’ featuring both the band’s upbeat, combative sides alongside chanting lyrics, which are bound to sound incredible live, while ‘Lion Tamer’ mixes things up again, as they tease with atypical rhythmic structures closing the record showing a more experimental side, leaving listeners thirsty for more.

Words: Jess Lavin


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