Glass Animals at CCA, 17/10/14

After a fair wait Glass Animals appear on the small stage for their third visit to Glasgow and start with the fanciful and disorientated ‘Psylla’.

Their live sound is a good translation of the wildness of their first album, Zaba, yet on ‘Black Mambo’ there is a soft harmonious ambiance to be felt.

Dynamic lead vocalist Dave Bayley gesticulates like a chimpanzee and his voice is so perfect that you be forgiven for thinking he’s miming.

The audience, who are just centimetres from singer, dance, sing and bounce along with Bayley as the minimal lighting effects create a crazy ambiance.

At one point the warmth becomes that overwhelming that Bayley decides to get rid of his shoes, clearly comfortable and confident with the audience and being on stage.

Returning for the encore he quips “Glasgow knows how to dance” before performing ‘Pools’, letting the crowd jump around once more as the music goes full pelt, the dancing continues once the band have left the stage, no surprising after such an uplifting and spirit boosting performance.

More Photos

Words: Juliette Carnejac
Photos: Christina Tantcheva

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