Holy Mountain, Halfrican, Young Philadelphia at Stereo, 18/10/14

Young Philadelphia are 100 riff a minute noise-mathematicians, stitching together all kinds of mismatched tempos, time signatures and dynamic shifts, yet they still know how to lock into a good groove, as songs like ‘LQDBRKFST’ show.

Halfrican combine the catchiest 60s garage psych and surf licks with an impressive amount of manic punk intensity, sort of like the Dwarves but less morally questionable, oh and the matching P.E. uniform with Addidas shorts deserve a mention.

Holy Mountain might easily get lumped into the stoner/doom camp, there’s all the chromatic-laden riffs you could wish for, yet unlike many of their peers, they refuse to rely on the easy tricks of bloated 30 minute jams or austere drone minimalism.

Instead, the songs are carefully crafted and hard hitting, with a sense of interplay and arrangement that clearly took some time to perfect.

While the pair of frilly knickers landing onstage might have been flung in jest, it’s a fitting tribute to a band unafraid of unabashed bombast and knowing reworking’s of classic rock and psychedelic clichés; sex, space and rock ‘n’ roll.

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Words: C.R. Sanderson
Photos: NGP

3 thoughts on “Holy Mountain, Halfrican, Young Philadelphia at Stereo, 18/10/14

    1. A lot of bands in Glasgow should be playing to “much bigger crowds”, the Holy Mountain crowd was big enough.


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