Dec ’91, Polarnecks, Jason Riddell at Bloc, 21/10/14

First up, Jason Riddell starts his set without his bassist making the crowd laugh, as they appear halfway through the first song.

Riddell’s voice is soulful and passionate, echoing through the already busy venue, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the crowd relaxed, as they tap their feet along.

Riddell’s style is reminiscent of a Scottish City & Colour offering lyrics just as heartfelt and meaningful, ‘Get Off On The Big Wave’ exposes both Riddell’s song writing skills and vocal range, a highlight of tonight’s set.

Towards the end of his set Riddell switches to an electric guitar and welcomes Polarnecks’ drummer Innes Nolan to the stage before stating that they’ve “never done this before” leaving the crowd anxious to hear the new collaboration.

The final songs are much heavier, but provide a refreshing change waking the crowd up for the rest of tonight’s show.

The sound of crashing guitars fills the venue as Polarnecks begin their set, making the now very crowded room shake.

Polarnecks style is loud, fast and gritty, it’s the kind of music that makes the floor pound beneath your feet, grabbing your attention and not letting go.

Three songs in, they slow it down a bit, leading the crowd into a false sense of security before jumping back in with some incredible harmonies as they clearly enjoy tonight’s show.

Tonight’s headliner takes to the stage greeted by loud cheers, Dec ’91 does not hold back, filling the room with a powerful sound.

The next few songs are more stripped back, showcasing Dec ’91’s truly unique sound, perfect for tonight’s intimate show, things speed up with personal favourite ‘I Know You’re Sad’, which is greeted by a positive reaction from the crowd.

Dec ’91 gives it his all during the final song and new single ‘Fuck You’ in a pleasing close to tonight’s set.

On my departure I can’t help but think that tonight’s show is really something special, showing that you don’t need a large venue or lots of effects to put on a good show, just some good friends who share the same passion for music as you.

Words: Jess Lavin

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