SHARPTOOTH (Single Launch), Tuff Love, Pennycress at 13th Note, 23/10/14

An intense haze of devastating shouting greets you in the 13th Note stairway as you make way down to catch the beginning of Pennycress’ set.

Given a few minutes the trio settle into their set and some fuzzy pop notes shines through, a few bits of onstage banter do feel on the wrong side of comfortable but they produce a set that’s seems void of the pretention that such Art School born noise pop tends to have.

The switch between an almost indie pop delivery and blood curdling screams does mean the quieter end of the vocals gets lost in fuzzy guitar, but that’s the nature of trying to create such a sound while maintaining a DIY ethic.

At times their driving urgency can delight and but at other moments they’re piercing and harsh, there’s no doubt Pennycress will divide opinion but they’re having a giggle doing it.

After a seemingly never ending gap Tuff Love prove once again how effortlessly delighting they can be with their fun filled pop sound.

Julie and Suse, who has become a two-piece on paper since the last time we saw them, but are still joined live by a drummer, deliver foot tapping rhythms alongside sweet harmonies creating a warm fuzz in the room with the more familiar tracks from their Junk EP as well as their newer material, another release can’t be far off surely.

The shimmering charm of ‘Flamingo’ has the now healthy, yet considerably sweaty, audience swaying along as the band swig water from a flask.

Their typically charming pop warmth meshes with the most glowing highlights of American indie rock, and as the harmonic glory of ‘Sweet Content’ closes the set we’re left with another reminder why they’re one of best acts in Glasgow right now.

SHARPTOOTH are here to celebrate their newly Fuzzkill Records released single ‘Sister’, and the four girls deliver another set of engrossing fuzz filled pop, albeit with a much darker feel to what a has proceeded them.

Haunting harmonies lift above scratching guitar and jagged bass as the band build a beguiling atmosphere, before the rhythm really kicks in and the angular guitars of ‘Invidia’ throw a wrench in where things could get formulaic.

SHARPTOOTH are just as adept creating a powerful wall of sound as they are creating a chilling atmosphere and they demonstrate the ability to let loose as screamed vocal come back to back with mystical harmonies.

All of this is done while maintaining an invigorating urgency that keeps the sweaty basement nodding along, it’s hypnotic, intense and at times metal, but always attention grabbing.

These girls know how to grasp a room and as they close proceedings with the driving almost chanted vocals and never giving pound of their new single, their dark tinged pop is something that many will be returning to long after rushing out to be refreshed by the brisk outside world.

Words: Iain Dawson


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