Rustie at The Art School, 24/10/14

Rustie‘s Green Language Tour touches down in Glasgow for a homecoming show of epic proportions, with a full live A/V show with production turning up to 11.

Rustie, aka Russell Whyte, has been building quite a name for himself since his first few single releases back in 2007, leading to him penning a deal with the revered Warp Records.

He manages to mix electronic dance music, with hints of dubstep and grime and creates some fresh sounding instrumental hip-hop with his collaborative efforts.

Individuals’ are treated to an audio and visual assault, with fresh, innovative music.

Rustie’s compositions are an exercise in originality, and the crowd gets exactly what they want.

It’s great that most of the stuff early on tonight is off his latest album, because it is his best work to date, minimising the clichéd ‘bedroom computer 8-bit’ sounds that ran their shelf-by-date by the end of the 2000s (Crystal Castles anyone? Nah? Didn’t think so).

He’s still young, so there is a long way to go before good becomes great, but the potential is there and it’s a nice streamlined performance with a more myopic focus, which prevents Rustie sounding all over the place like his earlier material.

In the same sense it is also a nice perk that Rustie cannot be pigeonholed like the aforementioned Crystal Castles (as it’s so easy to tap into a phase and die with it).

Good set with the newer material from Green Language sounding epic in size.

More Photos

Words: Derek Robertson
Photos: Jayjay Robertson


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