United Fruit, Dialects, Algernon Doll at Sleazy’s, 24/10/14

It’s a refreshing scene tonight in Sleazy’s, as there’s a full house for three great Glasgow bands.

Both concluding their UK tours, Glasgow legends United Fruit and the band on everyone’s lips, Algernon Doll, alongside local math/post rockers Dialects.

Arriving at the venue 15-minutes before their set after driving from Swansea since 6am, Algernon Doll seem unfazed by being stuck in a van all day.

As they prepare to head to Chicago to record with the legendary Steve Albini, it feels like I’m seeing the band every weekend and they get tighter and gain more energy with each set.

With their latest album, Omphalic out only four-months ago, the band have almost eradicated any previously released tracks from their live set, giving us a set filled to bursting with the highly impressive songs from their soon to be recorded album.

They still make time for the intense pounding of ‘Relate’ to close the set, a song which sees frontman Ewan Grant enter the crowd, fall to the floor and begin rubbing the strings of his guitar against the structural pillars of the venue, all before placing his guitar down and screaming into the pick ups.

Next up we are treated to a set from Dialects, a band who could perhaps be seen as slightly out of place on the bill but don’t let that get in their way.

The band hit the stage with a deafening wall of noise before diving into their set of atmospheric math rock.

The band’s technical ability is nothing short of incredible, the instrumental four-piece jump through odd times flawlessly, building a complex and spacey wall of sound.

United Fruit has become somewhat of a Glasgow institution, having been an active part of the Scottish music scene for six years now, and the excitement for their upcoming album Open Your Eyes is high.

Closing out a thirteen-date UK tour, the band is on their top game, hitting us with both songs from their upcoming release and songs from it’s predecessor Fault Lines, UF prove to us why the have become such a staple in the city.

They are tight, have great energy and singer/guitarist Iskander Stewart hits us with a very impressive vocal performance.

This show was a perfect example of the Glasgow music scene at this moment in time. With fantastic bands like United Fruit, Algernon Doll and Dialects being just a few in such wide array of amazing bands filling venues round the city, it really is a sign of great things to come.

Words: Iain Gillon


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