Sleaford Mods at Broadcast, 5/11/14

It’s safe to say that in recent months Sleaford Mods have been receiving a lot of praise and I took it upon myself to found it whether it was deserved.

For a Wednesday night Broadcast is absolutely packed out and I arrive just in time for Sleaford Mods kicking off.

Playing a variety of their material from the last three albums, when frontman Jason Williamson isn’t bawling he struts around the stage almost gurning in an intimidating manner.

Andrew Fearn remains in the background drinking beer and singing along, only stopping to change the song on his laptop.

Despite the vocals being considerably louder than the music, it somehow works, with Williamson adlibbing a lot.

Set highlights include; new single ‘Tiswas’, ‘Tied Up In Notz’, ‘McFlurry’ and ‘Fizzy’, which particularly goes down well with the Glasgow audience.

The most striking thing about the audience is the diversity; different ages, backgrounds, types, genders, but all united by the aggression, frustration and outrage embodied in Sleaford Mods’ sound.

This show is an off night as part of their stint supporting The Specials across the UK and it’s great to catch them in such an intimate setting, as it’s easy to see the band gaining further support and further attention.

If they can continue to deliver with the same high standards they have already set for themselves they could easily become an important band for our generation.

More Photos

Words: Nick Ramsay
Photos: Arpad Horvath


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