Prehistoric Friends – ‘Wisdom Tooth’

Prehistoric Friends is the project of Liam Chapman (Miaoux Miaoux/Friends In America) along with violist Nichola Kerr and their description of the project, as ‘organ & viola driven atmospheric casio-tone/dream-pop’, saves explaining new single ‘Wisdom Tooth’ and near enough writes this review.

The gentle introduction sets the scene for an amazingly pleasant piece of music, which it is easy to lose yourself in, through the mesmerising fluctuating keyboard and viola sounds.

Calming vocals and layers and layers of sound merge together to make something extremely pleasant on the ears, both the quality of song and production of this release are stellar.

With an album set for release in the spring, this single (to be launched on the 18th of this month) is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Words: Neil Hayton


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