Arm Watches Fingers – Sensi Cut

Glasgow producer Arm Watches Fingers releases Sensi Cut, the latest addition to an exemplary discography, referencing and drawing inspiration from some of the finest in the genre.

But what is ‘the genre’? On the outer fringes of the electronic music scene at the moment it is hard to pinpoint releases outside the rubbery-bassline deep house bracket.

Sensi Cut sits firmly somewhere between the cosmic nu-jazz and nature documentary synthetic pan-piping parts of the ‘electronica’ bracket, if that makes any sense.

There’s a shining, defracted, pixelated synth quality to the EP that brings local royalty to the mind, Rustie and HudMo have used the ‘bold synth and bass lines meet breakbeat, cutting rhythm formula’ in this way before.

The strength of this release comes from a sense of texture, with ethereal moments of quiet cutting through the noise, check the opening moments of ‘Paradiso,’ which could pass for a Boards of Canada riff that didn’t make the cut.

A strong opener, ‘Variations On’ is a gem in the area Arm Watches Fingers is working in, a loud, tight, driving nu-jazz drumline forms the basis for sparring keys slowly undulating through a quiet, suppressed section and back into full form.

‘Magi’ moves more towards the work of the patron saints of interesting electronic crunk mentioned above, and Arm Watches Fingers is tight here, proving he can put out work that holds its own against the high standards of the Glasgow electro scene.

‘Amun’ is for this listener the best moment on the record, with a combination of lush textural sounds, euphoric chords and voices, the final track is a combination of the best things about the less danceable side of electronic music and lets the EP slowly fade out in a great way.

A great release from an on-form local producer, who shows in Sensi Cut that he can spar with some of the best in electronic music today.

Words: Tom Deering

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