Machines in Heaven – Hindu Milk [Hotgem]

Hindu Milk is EP number two for Machines In Heaven and it continues from where the first left off, masses of electronic textures weaved together to create quite a distinguished sound.

At just over four minutes long, opening track ‘Edge of the Middle’ is the shortest on the EP and is an almost hectic affair.

I say ‘almost’ because amidst a plethora of counter-melodies and strange sounds there is still a defined sense of groove and control in the bass frequencies that keep everything grounded.

The title track features Kavinsky-style robot vocals and the tension built in the climax of the song releases for a very cool, drawn out conclusion.

‘Voodoo Mechanics’ and ‘Feel Slow’ are two tracks that will do well live and the big finisher, ‘Holy Particles’ is a slow building monster, which is pumped up by a pretty sounding synth, providing the capstone of the EP.

Each song is very distinct in itself but they each still fit into the entire Hindu Milk, which outlines the massive advantage electronic producers have that the sonic possibilities are limited only to the power of their imaginations.

Obviously then, they need to know where to stop and actually compose music rather than indulge in the noises that are interesting for about two listens and this is a skill that Machines In Heaven have clearly honed.

To put it shortly, on this EP, Machines In Heaven demonstrates that they have a sense of melody that is impressive and really quite emotive.

Words: Greg Murray

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