Annie Booth – Steady Heart

After supporting Ella the Bird and appearing on Heartland FM alternative indie-folk singer Annie Booth releases her first EP, Steady Heart.

The EP opens with ‘Song For Him’, which begins softly with only an acoustic guitar showing off Booth’s stunning voice, beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

‘Why Do We Get On’ and ‘Spark’ are more upbeat and catchy, displaying a different side to Booth’s music.

Highlight ‘Beg’ stands out from the rest of the EP, being full of passion, showcasing graceful guitars and Booth’s soulful voice.

Steady Heart closes with another acoustic number, ‘Thought for You’, reminiscent of early Laura Marling and an enchanting end to the record.

It is clear from this EP that Booth’s music much like Marling’s is very lyric-driven, with instrumental lines carefully countering her vocals; always complementing, never suffocating.

However it also clear that this EP comes from an early stage in Booth’s musical career as there are bits of the record that still remain raw.

Nonetheless this peeled back quality only adds to the record’s personality and make apparent that Booth is one to watch in the Scottish folk scene.

In support of the release of Steady Heart this weekend Booth will be playing Stirling’s Strange Behaviours festival alongside other Scottish artists including Hector Bizerk, Fat Goth and Model Aeroplanes.

Words: Jess Lavin


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