Rock N Roar: New Book On The Scottish Music Scene Launches

Andy Reilly has announced the launch of Rock N Roar, a look at the Scottish music scene of 2014 and on the years building up to his point.

2014 was a year when the gaze of the world fell upon the country, and as you would expect, music was at the forefront of so much of what was happening.

Whether there is a mood for celebration or commiseration, music is never too far away from Scottish life and in this most pivotal and historic of years for the country, the musical landscape was central.

The book dwells on the nature of Scottish life, examining the psyche and psychology of the country, looking for reasons or clues why music is at the heart of so much in Scottish life.

The book also focuses on the Scottish artists that have made their mark on the UK charts, while also shining a light on some of the Scottish musicians that the masses or the mainstream overlooked.

With focus also falling on festivals, singer-songwriter events and the role of the existing and emerging media in the Scottish music scene, there is a comprehensive look at the development of the Scottish music scene over the years.

The highlights and headline grabbing acts, of all levels of the Scottish music scene, are examined and the book concludes with a number of interviews with bands, performers and many of the backgrounds names and faces, including yours truly, that work so hard to ensure that there is a Scottish music scene worthy of the name.

It is understandable that other elements of Scottish life will be more readily recalled in the look back on 2014 but in Rock N Roar, Andy Reilly pens a love letter to the bands and people that played their part in making it such a monumental year.

The book is available in physical and e-book formats, with a launch event being held for the book at The Iron Horse on Friday.

The book can be found on Amazon at while more information can be found at:


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