Nothing, Milk Teeth, The Cherry Wave at Broadcast, 23/11/14

Nothing’s record, Guilty Of Everything, might not be my favourite album of 2014 but certain has seen more repeat value than other contenders.

A less expansive description would be ‘hardcore dudes playing shoegaze’, but that is a discredit to the depth and power shown on GOE.

The show is opened by locals The Cherry Wave, but regretfully I only catch the tail end of their set, which is a shame as I am impressed both by the scale and volume of their tracks.

Bristol’s based Milk Teeth is next up and it’s pretty underwhelming, I can see what they are trying to go for, but it just doesn’t really come off for them.

Nothing begin their set by engaging in a two-minute debate with the sound guy to turn everything up, which is a sign of things to come.

They finally get launched into their set and it sounds great, the songs are heavy, well played, well structured, however it soon becomes evident that the band are somewhat inebriated and continue to firstly bicker with the sound guy and secondly lose control of their own instruments.

Bizarrely when they are playing they still sound great, songs like ‘Bent Nail’ and ‘Somersault’ go down well with the crowd, although strangely a fight almost breaks out in a nu-metal style push pit (it is 2014, right?).

Nothing continue to engage in long, odd pauses filled with awkward patter and their technical difficulties only seem to get worse.

A younger version of me would have been somewhat disappointed or let down by the band’s performance, however in all honesty I found it pretty amusing and would expect the band did too.

All in all a loud and weird Sunday night at Broadcast.

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Words: Nick Ramsay
Photos: Sean Campbell

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