GoodCopGreatCop – ‘Twisted, Guilty, Dance Floor’

The new single from GoodCopGreatCop, ‘Twisted, Guilty, Dance Floor’, hosts a feel good indie dance vibe from the outset, showcasing the quirky Scottish vocal style of lead singer Andy McGowan.

The single is a follow up to the album Prolouge, released earlier this year, it is apparent that ‘Twisted, Guilty, Dance Floor’ follows in its footsteps by providing catchy lyrics and melodic music.

Evidently ‘Twisted, Guilty, Dance Floor’ is a single which can be seen as a definite crowd pleaser at any live show, providing the means for a good jump around with all of your friends.

It’s quite easy to tell that the guys from GoodCopBadCop pour their heart and soul into their music and are definitely creating music that they love.

‘Twisted, Guilty, Dance Floor’ will attract attention at any live show and can be seen as a successful way of portraying the talent of the band.

Words: Kathryn Murphy


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