Crash Club – ‘Recondition’

Crash Club’s latest single ‘Recondition’ is a welcome addition to the electro-rock scene in Scotland as it pulses with upbeat grooves, catchy vocals and a sound that lies somewhere between 80’s pop and modern dance.

The song begins almost like a siren of intense synth sounds and eventually stabilises, with a strong thumping beat and a captivating melody, which mixes this electronic beginning with distorted guitar.

The assertive upbeat feeling the song produces is easy to instantly acknowledge, as a dance-worthy record and the confident, emphatic voice of guest vocalist Ian McKinnon, from Medicine Men, gives it more of a rock ‘n’ roll dynamic.

Towards the end of the record there is a mini breakdown, which shows off McKinnon’s vocal talents and builds back up into an electro-rock upsurge, eventually dying down to one last dance groove and vocal harmony.

This is Crash Club’s second single and is proving to be a success within the electro-rock/pop genre, as when the dance grooves of ‘Recondition’ play, it is hard to keep your feet grounded.

Words: Louis Jenkins


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