Atom Tree – Clouds [Hot Gem]

With their second EP Atom Tree produce pleasant and sentimental melodies that swim gently through a ton of shimmering synth and show that the attention they’ve so far garnered is definitely justified.

The main difference between Clouds and their debut is the addition of vocalist Julie Knox, who we’re introduced to straight away on opening track ‘Sinner’.

Her voice is powerful and emotive as it slides in very well to Atom Tree’s deep-synth pop, resulting in something that drips commercial potential.

Although the lyrics are aggressively average, lead producer Sean Canning makes sure this doesn’t matter by carving them splendidly into his songs.

Because of this, Knox’s voice is allowed to be both an instrument in itself, which holds attention and an instrument laden with effects, adding yet more consistency to a sound that is already pretty immersive.

‘Hearts’ features a lush sounding acoustic piano and drums that pulse throughout, supporting a song with a short sampled hook vocal and a dramatic overall feeling, ‘Hold on’ follows in similar fashion with quite an intense, cymbal-heavy climax.

With this release, Atom Tree has clearly steered with intention towards the current appeal of female fronted synth-pop, you can absolutely imagine SoundCloud surfers stumbling on any of these songs and immediately telling their friends about them.

The quality of song-writing alone is high-enough to set Atom Tree apart, but there are a few synth bursts that sound just a little bit samey, having said this, Clouds is an extremely strong EP that flows well and one which will almost certainly turn many heads and gain Atom Tree new fans.

Words: Greg Murray

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