Mogwai – Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. [Rock Action]

‘Teenage Exorcists’, lead track from Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. is a big change for Mogwai, the heavy inclusion of a defined main vocal line, sounding like early Idlewild in the vox department, filled with a static buzzing mass of guitar and the gentler timbres of keys that provided Rave Tapes a contemporary humanity.

The sheen glistening on ‘History Days’ is an apt and tactile wash that acts as recorded representation of the tinnitus that is often gifted to all who attend their gigs.

A subtle keyboard arpeggio leads the track out, while highlighting the John Carpenter influences that the band spoke of during the initial run of press earlier in the year.

The initial impression makes one believe that this could be a sea change for the band, however the formatting of this EP is similar to those released previously.

One cannot criticise the band for releasing material that is fresh to their fans during the final quarter of the touring cycle, fans of Mogwai, and more particularly Rave Tapes and Hardcore will Never Die, will be happy.

This brings us to the second half, the remixed half, not to be dismissed as easy filler, for a band such as this, they act as invitations to open a dialogue to like minded musicians who share traits that the listener may benefit from investigating for themselves.

First up, Blanck Mass one half of Fuck Buttons and a name on the Rock Action roster, second, Pye Corner Audio, fitting considering the range of influences such as Tangerine Dream, which this reviewer caught Mogwai member Stuart Braithwaite loading up on in Oxfam Music.

And the final remix is by German electronic composer Nils Frahm, whose reduction of ‘The Lord is out of Control’ makes the track sound like Craig Armstrong.

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