Andrew Montgomery – Ruled By Dreams

Former Geneva vocalist Andrew Montgomery has gone solo with new album Ruled By Dreams, and the album includes a large mix of styles within its ten tracks and shows Montgomery’s ability to write an interesting and varied record.

We are introduced to the album with ‘After The Storm’, which begins with the sound of footsteps, then accompanied by soft piano chords and haunting vocals from Montgomery.

The lyrics compliment the quiet and minimalistic style of the music as Montgomery sings: “and now that you’re gone, I’m going to carry on”.

This is a really beautiful track, which features high, church choir-like backing vocals throughout its crescendo and allows Montgomery to display his stunning vocals.

‘I Sing The Body Electric’ features jazz style drumming with piano, bass and disguised, quiet guitar with very soft and delicate vocals, making it an easy and relaxing, due to it’s dreamy and spacious feel.

The much faster and livelier ‘La Graciosa’, a fun and energetic track, which is extremely catchy and will undoubtedly be an instant crowd pleaser, breaks this softer style.

‘Making Up For Lost Time’ features Montgomery playing a eerie piano riff and singing high vocals with lyrics, “it’s all over, my time is over,” introducing darker themes, which will continue later in the record.

‘Momento’, ‘Waiting For Me’ and ‘Zhivago’ steer the album in a completely different direction, as they feature increased musical accompaniment and carry on the darker theme, heard in ‘Making Up For Lost Time’, through both the lyrics and Montgomery’s change in vocal style from smooth to strong and more forceful.

Closer ‘Baptismal’ brings back Montgomery’s more open and spacious sound as this closes the album in a similar way that it started, with a track that places his vocals at the forefront as the music floats alongside them.

Ruled By Dreams is an album that includes a great mixture of tracks that explore varied musical styles.

All the tracks complement each other and fit in well together, from the slow and melodic opening in ‘After The Storm’ to the fusion of jazz and swing of ‘I Sing The Body Electric’ to the grittier sound in ‘Momento’.

Montgomery has successfully created an album that showcases his writing strengths, both musically and lyrically.

Ruled By Dreams by Andrew Montgomery

Words: Orla Brady


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