We Were Promised Jetpacks, Fatherson at QMU, 13/12/14

There is an omnipresent feeling of excitement clamouring around the Queens Margaret Union tonight, where once lay a hot dog stand in the foyer currently features We Were Promised Jetpacks fans chatting about the rise and rise of the hometown heroes who in just a few hours will blow the roof right off of the student hub with an intrinsically tight performance.

Arguably 2014 was just as delightful on the ear for main support act Fatherson, it was the year they finally released their much spoken about debut album and boy was I Am An Island worth the wait, delivering plenty spliced hooks of unadulterated indie pop splendour.

Frontman Ross Leighton leads the first sing-along with a punching illicit rendition of ‘An Island’, a song clustered with a softly spoken syllabic narration, eventually juxtaposition overwhelms as the song bursts into full life with the rest of the band joining Leighton onstage with curating gang vocals deep in saccharine and harmony.

Restrained to just under half-an-hour tonight, the Ayrshire bred quartet smash through the album big hitters with little relent – ‘I Like Not Knowing’, ‘Cat Stevens’ and closer ‘James’ coming out resiliently sweeter than usual.

By the time We Were Promised Jetpacks open with bittersweet anthem ‘Safety In Numbers’, from this years Unravelling, Glasgow has found its singing voice, with three full lengths now in the bag, the boys have plenty in the trenches these days to provide a fantastic set which pleases both old and new fans alike.

It is perhaps little surprise that the contemporary hometown classic ‘Quiet Little Voices’ sends the sold out crowd into raptures, but it is the material found on latest offering Unravelling that adds a diversified and slightly more sonically sphering direction to the bands live sound – ‘Night Terror’ for example clambers beautifully over trickling guitar before dancing excruciatingly into a sauntering vocal hook.

Vocalist Adam Thompson has found his ideal depth on the newer jams, with a newly located swagger injecting the likes of ‘I Keep It Composed’ with a cordially endeavoured snarl that in turn causes the band to bash their instruments harder than they have ever done before – it’s quite the scene, as Glasgow reacts favourably with some Saturday night dance moves.

For both these bands it marks the end of a rapturous 2014, most pleasing is that We Were Promised Jetpacks and Fatherson are currently two of the peripheral acts flying the flag of new Scottish music, if tonight is anything to go by we are in safe hands.

Words: Chris Kelman


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