Andy Young – ‘I Love The Beatles’

Andy Young’s ‘I Love The Beatles’ is an alluring testament to the artist’s love of The Beatles and how their music and style influenced him as a man and his songs.

The lyrics tell of how the band had such an impact on him as he sings, “it shaped me, dressed me, taught me who I was” and with the simple chords and leading vocals the song comes across as a memory of old Beatles record.

The melody is upbeat and catchy with Beatles-esque instruments being used throughout, such as square-lead synthesisers, a prominent bassline and clean electric guitar tones.

The track ends with yet another sound reminiscent of The Beatles, which includes a catchy pop chorus of, “yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, it’s The Beatles” which fades out slowly as if the artist’s thoughts on the band will never leave.

‘I Love The Beatles’ is a personal track that really captures an element of nostalgia and plays homage to the artist’s favourite band.

Words: Louis Jenkins

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