Weekend Wars, FOREIGNFOX, Indigo Velvet, The Van T’s at Tut’s, 9/1/15

Tonight’s New Year’s Revolution gig starts with 90s sounding female-fronted Glaswegian grunge dream The Van T’s.

Tut’s is already filling up with people excited for tonight’s amazing line-up of new Scottish talent, but the atmosphere in the venue remains relaxed as the band treat the crowd a number of passionate and heartfelt songs.

The vocals between twin sisters Chloe and Hannah Thompson are incredible, their immaculate harmonies making you wonder if twin telepathy is really a possibility.

The Van T’s speed things up during ‘Daisy’ and the majority of the songs follow suit, shaking the crowd awake and warming them up for tonight’s remaining acts.

The instrumental breaks are what stands out during the band’s performance, with each member complimenting one another nicely; ruling out twin telepathy since the whole band shares this tight connection.

They close their set by slowing down with ‘Growler’, an interesting choice as the band’s faster stuff is clearly stronger and this choice denies them the big finish they deserve.

Indigo Velvet offer an alternative sound from The Van T’s; in fact every band on tonight’s bill show an extremely different sound from the one before, but it works.

The indie pop quartet treat the crowd to a number of upbeat and catchy tunes, encouraging them to dance along and leave everyone grinning from ear to ear.

Tonight’s highlight is, the currently unreleased, ‘Print’, its slight jazz influence is what makes it stand out and the homage to Michael Jackson’s ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’’ using the lyrics “Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa” is a nice touch.

Like The Van T’s the band share a strong connection between members, great stage presence and are obviously enjoying themselves – making their set an incredibly fun one to watch.

The turnout is impressive, especially for a young Edinburgh based band’s first Glasgow show, and the involvement from the crowd, who dance, sing and clap along makes it clear we will being hearing much more about Indigo Velvet in the upcoming months.

FOREIGNFOX are next and they grab the crowd’s attention the moment they step on stage; there is a clearly a loyal fanbase for them tonight as the audience sing and dance along to Jonny Watt’s sublime vocals.

FOREIGNFOX have picked up an extra member during tonight’s set, Fraser MacIntyre, who brings an acoustic guitar and buckets of passion make him a welcome addition to the line-up.

The band only really slow down during the heartfelt ‘Yogurt’, causing the crowd to stop dancing to listen to its deeply personal lyrics, which refuse to go unheard.

The crowd moves forward towards the end of the set, as FOREIGNFOX give it their all one last time; the harmonies between all members creating an echoing wall of sound, providing a fantastic ending.

Final act Weekend Wars are the only band on tonight’s line-up that I haven’t heard much about before, and therefore I am eager to see what they have to offer.

They start their set loudly and encourage the crowd to get involved, however sadly only few take them up on this offer despite talented frontman Andy Black giving it his all; it seems like this crowd prefer to show their gratitude by clapping and cheering loudly at the end of each song.

A unique ‘Blank Space’ cover featuring a synth and some charming harmonies is a highlight and reminds me of Prides’ end of year mixtape; a nice addition even though it’s always best headliners stick to their own material.

I’ll cut Weekend Wars some slack as they seem a little bit nervous and relatively new to the scene (only releasing their first EP earlier today) and are constantly stating their amazement that a crowd this size has turned up to see them play.

The band power through the nerves to give the best performance they can but are maybe not quite at headliner level just yet.

Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Tim J Gray


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