Civil Elegies – Aesthetics

Having had the pleasure of seeing Civil Elegies highly intense live show three times in their currently very short life span, I was very excited to hear this record.

The trio’s blend of 90’s post-hardcore, noise rock and math rock creates a very interesting listen.

Singer/guitarist, Hamish Black has been seen over the last year or so fronting post-hardcore group In Wrecks and as one of two bass players in Glasgow’s most ferocious band, the short lived experimental noise rock group Thin Privilege.

With other members of the trio, Grant Donaldson and Kyalo Searle-Mbullu coming out of bands like Farewell Singapore and THISMACHINEKILLSFASCISTS.

From the get go of this record you see the influence of bands like At The Drive In, with Black’s vocals at times baring similarities those of frontman Cedric Bixler, Meshuggah, with the low tuned heavy guitars and mathy drums, The Dillinger Escape Plan, with their intense chaotic rhythms and experimental legends, and Swans, with the crippling intensity and volume.

Aesthetics is driving, it’s intense and it’s crushingly heavy; from opening track ‘Aesthetics’ to closer ‘Of Me and Others’ Civil Elegies pummel us with great track after great track.

Songs like ‘Death Cry’, ‘The Maker’ and ‘Pristine Relation’ are testament to how great this band really are.

Glasgow is a great place for post-hardcore bands and has produced it at an extremely high quality, but this album is truly one of the finest heavy records to come out of the city in recent years.

Words: Iain Gillon


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