Tijuana Bibles – ‘Sun Chaser’

As evidenced on their previous single ‘Crucifixion’ and Wild River EP, Glasgow’s Tijuana Bibles are the keepers of a groove born out of the very elements: a fevered and enchanting groove which takes us tripping through the desert on their new single, ‘Sun Chaser’.

The opening bars find the robust rhythm section of Behn Cross (bass) and Mickey Dornan (drums) locking in to provide a solid foundation onto which James Brannigan embellishes sleek, atmospheric guitar lines: setting the desired tone for Tony Costello’s powerful, lucid vocals to tell the tale.

Lyrically the song has a shadowy, other-worldly essence to it as it tells of a soothsaying wanderer who “cleanses the doors” of all he encounters, whist chasing the light from one horizon to the next.

Elsewhere the lyrics boast a timeless and defiant quality, especially in the line “we never die unless we say so”, which is clearly indicative of the momentum and dogged determination of the band themselves.

All throughout they prove themselves to be a classy and tasteful outfit, augmenting their trademark, propulsive sound with echoes of Ennio Morricone: right down to the cinematic drama of a spaghetti western-via-Riders on the Storm interlude.

What we are seeing is increasingly promising stuff from Tijuana Bibles, let’s hope they can see the momentum through to a debut album sometime soon.

Words: Brendan Sloan


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