Bad Luck, SchnarffSchnarff, Twin Mirrors, Pinact at Tut’s 15/1/15

I’ve always found that the best gigs stem from inauspicious beginnings, and seen as it’s a miserable Thursday night in Glasgow and I know zilch about any of the four bands on tonight’s bill, I’m hoping tonight is no exception.

It’s 8.40pm and about ten people have made it upstairs to witness Pinact take the hallowed stage, however this swiftly increases as this combustible duo get going.

From the start they unleash a volley of proto punk noise, wrenching melody out of the distorted chaos; by the time it’s over I’m left wondering where I can buy any, or all, of their records.

The room swells to half capacity as Twin Mirrors step up; again, they are a commanding duo of guitar and drums playing high velocity rock and roll, albeit with more of a garage vibe.

My unbridled enthusiasm for this band is reflected by the lads themselves, especially the drummer who smiles from ear to ear throughout.

They are reminiscent of all that is good about Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith, surf guitar and garage and psych rock in general.

SnhnarffSchnarff kick off having assembled the biggest crowd thus far, consisting of what appears to be a loyal fanbase.

Frustratingly though, the buzz in the crowd doesn’t translate to the performance on stage as this five-piece project a smoother, mainstream sound that lacks real edge or guts and isn’t much fun.

To be fair, they do offer a professional sound and steady handed performance which no doubt would have fare better on a more like-minded bill.

Bad Luck close proceedings and prove themselves to be worthy headliners; although ostensibly a vehicle for Calum Doris’ visceral, hook filled indie rock songs, Bad Luck are tonight fleshed out to a five-piece, intensifying the panoramic scope of these tunes.

Kim Miller is the most notable addition, as her sweet harmonies and keyboard flourishes contrast the all out intensity heard elsewhere on stage.

There is also a clear chemistry between Miller and Doris and the interplay between the two make for a refreshing dynamic on tonight’s adrenaline fuelled bill.

This chemistry filters through to the rest of the band as each member plays with heart on sleeve abandon to do justice to the songs.

As stated prior to tonight’s show, the set would be comprised of older songs and as yet unheard material, and while the familiar gems like ‘Golden Coast’ and ‘Float’ are faultless, it’s the new material that makes the strongest impression.

As proceedings come to an end Doris assures the crowd these new tunes will be made available “soon”; going on tonight’s performance, one can only hope he means it.

Words: Brendan Sloan


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