Mt. Doubt – ‘Feathers’

Pretty on point offering here from, currently one man project, Mt. Doubt; a taster for the album My Past Is A Quiet Beast coming later in the year, by which time a band may have been assembled.

Mr Doubt reckons putting the music together more or less solo has allowed him total control of direction and, while that’s hard to argue with, there is sometimes wisdom in the guiding voices (and strums and clatters) of others; for this gets firmly filed under ‘okay’.

It’s certainly not bad in any way whatsoever; some nice soaring keyboards and lively bass, along with his beguiling and strangely attractive 70’s-ish vocal pricks up significant interest in the long player to come, which I guess is the idea.

But it ain’t no musical revolution; it sits nicely in the current indie-type market without exactly reinventing the wheel.

We don’t do marks here but if we did it would be three stars (out of five) with a proviso: competent, but feel there needs to be more to come if it’s to stand out from the miasma and convert the Doubt doubters to dancing devotees.

It’s good and I wanna encourage a new pretender to the throne, but there’s some trees need pulling up here; perhaps that’s where a tyrannical producer comes in?

Words: Andrew Morrison


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