Thin Privilege – Does Not Exist

Thin Privilege is a four-piece noise rock band from Glasgow, with an unusual and challenging take on no-wave: two basses, no guitar, too much volume.

With one of the original members moving to another country to pursue his studies Does Not Exist is the final release from the quartet and if this is how they have chosen to bow out, then it’s fair to say they have decided it is better to burn out than fade away.

‘Diminishing Returns’ is the seven-minute long opener; vocals buried in the mix as it builds from grinding stoner-metal into a maelstrom of swirling noise, while ‘No. 1 Luddite’ is a more shotgun blast of hardcore, breaking into off-beat drums and squealing riffs that sound like small animals being bludgeoned to death

At their best Thin Privilege sound like Queens of the Stone Age without the sex or Mastodon without the proggish sprints for the summit.

Instead the music is feverish, frenetic and at times unabashedly ugly, lacing dirty riffs through the post-hardcore brutality of ‘Moloch Mouth’, while ‘Hormonal Pigs’ recalls the hardcore wonks Fall of Troy at their danceable best.

Thin Privilege may no longer exist but they’ve bowed out with a fine final salvo.

Words: Max Sefton


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