Poor Frisco – ‘A Tick Ahead’

Poor Frisco’s new single ‘A Tick Ahead’ provokes a certain kind of sentimentality with its chorus effect guitars, creative structure and passionate, pining lyrics.

The track fades in with feedback and introduces a clean guitar sound, which then breaks away to the centralised riff of the song; an upbeat, overdriven and simplistic melody, which holds a steady structure to the makeup of the song.

The droll and farcical voice of singer Callum McSorley gives the track its indie characteristic as his powerful Glaswegian accent prevails, piercing through the melody of the guitar.

The bridge section takes away the eclectic, distorted sound and portrays a cross melody of clean tone guitars and soothing harmonies to give an atmospheric break from the track.

At the end of the bridge McSorley utters the unaccompanied lyrics; “would you take me away with you,” which then indicates the raucous ending of the track with distortion and crashing drums leading out to one last powerful burst of noise.

‘A Tick Ahead’ is proof that indie rock is still a powerful genre of music by combining a catchy riff with a strong voice, which Poor Frisco has embraced.

Words: Louis Jenkins

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