Best Girl Athlete – Carve Every Word [Minty Fresh/Fitlike]

Listening to the new Best Girl Athlete album, Carve Every Word, it is difficult to believe that behind it all is 15-year-old Katie Buchan.

It is difficult to believe because this album contains sounds, which compliment each other and mature lyrical content alongside strong vocals.

Opening with ‘Winter Sun’, we are introduced to the mix of pop and indie, which Best Girl Athlete combines throughout the album, with also some traditional folk thrown into the mix.

‘Winter Sun’ is a warm and bright track with a simple guitar riff repeated throughout and also crescendo at the chorus, which introduces the more traditional, folk sound.

‘Hills’ and ‘He’s Calling Me Over’ are similar, both containing darker lyrics, complimented by Buchan’s haunting vocals.

My mother told me not to go out to the hills/ theres nothing that will come of it she told me so

‘Hills’ conveys a different side to the album, leaning towards acts like The Cure and The Twilight Sad for inspiration.

‘All That’, ‘On My Own’ and ‘Which Way To Turn’ are relatively stripped back allowing Buchan’s vocal ability to be showcased over dreamy and spacious sounds.

Closer, ‘This Time’ combines all Buchan’s strongest aspects into one track; her clear and delicate vocals alongside strummed acoustic guitar accompanied by eerie violin solos, which appear frequently throughout the album.

Carve Every Word does not reflect the age of the person who is behind the name of Best Girl Athlete; it is extremely diverse and includes moving and memorable songs, which promises an exciting future.

Words: Orla Brady

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