The LaFontaines at Tut’s, 8/2/15

From the moment The LaFontaines take the stage, the room fills with energy; tonight’s crowd eager to see the band’s sold out ‘Throwback Set’ for part of King Tut’s 25th birthday celebrations.

“How we fucking doing Glasgow?” asks frontman Kerr Okan, before crowd pleaser ‘Under The Storm’ is met by chanting, jumping and a ridiculous amount of strobe lighting; not your average Sunday night gig, but neither the crowd or band seem to care.

This is the band’s 10th time playing this intimate venue and tonight’s throwback set is a mix of both new and old tracks (some of which will be retired after)

New track and highlight ‘Castles’ is stated to be the “single of your summer” by Okan and slows things down for a minute; the crowd listen on eagerly and try to catch their breath.

There isn’t much time for this however as the band are soon back to playing a number of fast-paced tracks to get the floor shaking including ‘My Yo-Yo’ and the final ever live performances of ‘Sin City’ and ‘The Vulcan.’

“Should have really played a shorter set, I’m knackered” claims the now extremely sweaty Okan, but this doesn’t stop him jumping into the crowd during closer ‘Paper Chase’, while they unite to sing-along with its memorable chorus.

The band return to the stage after loud chants from the crowd to play a three-track encore, featuring the first song they ever wrote ‘Superstar’ (another final performance) and ‘Shark in the Water’, creating a mosh pit, which most the crowd including the most petite of my friends are more than pleased to get involved in.

Hailed as ‘the best live band in Scotland’ by the Sunday Mail, The LaFontaines certainly live up to this claim tonight, their stage presence proving them more than worthy of a Scottish Alternative Music Award for Best Live Act.

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Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Stuart Westwood

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