Tuff Love – ‘That’s Right’ [Lost Map]

Julie Eisenstein (guitar, vocals) and Suse Bear (bass, vocals) became fast friends upon crossing paths a couple of years back in Glasgow, quickly bonding over what they found to be a similar musical outlook: thankfully, they took those tastes and influences and channelled them into one of the more infectious bands of recent times, Tuff Love.

‘That’s Right’ is the second single to be lifted from their just released Dross EP, and it follows in the same perfectly formed fuzz-pop footsteps of previous outings.

The song is irresistible from the off, arriving on the back of a ‘Teenage Kicks’-esque drum count followed by insistent basslines and the same sort of crunchy guitar swagger that would take pride of place on any Sleater-Kinney record.

Lyrically the song finds itself in instructional mode by running a check list for inducing pharmaceuticals, however these instructions seem to reference everyday medicinal relief as opposed to chemical indulgence, with lines such as “…to be taken twice a day…” and “…stir until dissolved…”.

The musicianship is as trim and sharp as on their, now sold out, Junk EP, and the vocals maintain their hypnotic allure with just the right amounts of measured cool and raised eyebrow sneer: qualities that, as history can testify, can typify very fine debut albums.

Words: Brendan Sloan


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