Servant Sun – Servant Sun

Post-hardcore (or emo, or alt-metal, or whatever you wish to call it) is a genre that attracts many an angst-ridden songwriter, but to really pen good tunes in this style without sounding like a watered down version of Thrice or Alexisonfire is a hefty task in itself.

One way for young bands to accomplish this, or at least paint themselves in a light that really shows how in control of their music they are, is to get the production on their songs sounding as professional as possible.

On their self-titled EP, Servant Sun has pretty much nailed it in that respect.

‘Prism’ opens with a brief Deftones-esque atmosphere-setter, before dropping its veil and turning into a song full of metal riffs and time signature play.

The three songs are all five-minutes long or more, so, as you can imagine, there is plenty of room for transformation and groove changes throughout.

The middle track, ‘Recall’, races along with less silky, high guitar lines as ‘Prism’, but it certainly continues to exhibits the fact that Servant Sun are a group talented folk, both individually and as a band.

Just as it seems to be dying off around the five-and-a-half-minute mark it revs back into life for another 30-seconds or so, but I’m not entirely sure this is needed or if it serves much purpose.

‘Vertigo’ offers much the same as the first two songs, but the vocals shine through in particular and it has to be said that this makes it the best on the EP, as well as the best song to finish up on.

Servant Sun by Servant Sun

Words: Greg Murray

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