King Eider – ‘Fire’

Edinburgh’s King Eider burst on to the scene in 2014 with the release of their excellent debut album The Deeper the Water.

Containing bewitching tracks such as ‘Drink Me Dry’, with its roots firmly planted in toe tapping folk-blues, but with a modern twist, the record had many of us salivating and looking forward to more.

New single ‘Fire’ arrives with a warning; some would say ominously, that it contains a slightly new direction; fans need not worry as the track, although of a higher tempo, contains enough of the earthy goodness of the album to maintain interest.

‘Fire’ starts with the tinkling of piano keys introducing a solid bassline that maintains the driving force of the track.

The song kicks into life with guitar, which fades to leave a simple drumbeat and intoxicating vocal to mingle with the bassline.

Having reached a delirious and feverish level, the track breaks down for a sparkling interlude of piano and violin before grabbing us in with a threat to topple the senses, as vocals are harmonised to startling effect.

“One lick from the flame of the fire and you’ll burn” is the headline vocal of his track; King Eider have taken a leap of faith with this more driven sound and it works; this will be sure to retain old fans but win new ones too.

Words: Peter Dorrington

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