Fatherson at Tut’s, 19/2/15

Trying to get through the packed crowd in the now 25 year old King Tut’s to find a decent spot is proving problematic, but we manage to get a good view just behind the mixing desk, as frontman Ross Leighton takes the stage and begins the set the way their debut album begins, with ‘An Island’.

As the rest of the band walk onto stage to finish the huge ending of the opening song, Fatherson fire straight into ‘Hometown’; they are joined tonight by Bruce Rintoul (the producer of debut album I Am An Island) on guitar and keyboards, following what appears to be the departure of guitarist Chris Beltran.

‘Half The Things’ proves an early highlight, and after a new song about half way through the set, Leighton jokes about there being a comment sheet on the way out for the sold-out crowd to have their opinion on it, before he introduces the much more familiar ‘Mine For Me’.

The gig sold out within two days, with many of the tickets being snatched up by Fatherson’s dedicated fanbase in a presale, this is clear with their participation throughout the set, but is taken up a notch when the four-piece play 2012 single ‘First Born’, and the crowd belting out every word is really something special.

With ‘James’ closing the set, Fatherson seem to be in awe of the 300 strong audience singing back the “so go home, sober up…” refrain.

The best song comes at the very end, with their album’s lead single ‘I Like Not Knowing’ concluding what has been an absolutely amazing night of music, celebrating Glasgow’s best small venues with one of Scotland’s fastest growing bands.

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Words: Neil Hayton
Photos: Tim Gray

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