A Sudden Burst Of Colour – Waves Will Rise On Silent Water [Good Grief]

We are welcomed into the new EP from A Sudden Burst Of Colour through the dreamy opening of ‘Riptide’; low and almost silent synth builds into a height of various different genres intertwining in one.

There are elements of 80s pop combined with a more modern, indie/pop feel; this then turn to a heavier and more rock based sound as the intensity of the drumming increases and the instruments become less calm and more manic, completely turning the track on itself.

‘Yume’ sets the scene to a beautiful yet imaginary landscape, through delicate riffs and prominent drumming creating a very raw and almost tribal sound; there is also a sadness and melancholia running though this track, which adds to its beauty.

‘Life Spend Drifting’ begins with a repeating riff and consistent beat, creating a more energetic and upbeat feel from what has been previously heard, however, again, the band do not allow their tracks to remain in one direction, as it breaks into a heavier sound.

Closer, ‘Ocean Floor’ returns to the spacious and dream-like; it’s very free and open, reflecting the water theme, which run throughout, from the title of the EP to the title of this very track.

It closes the EP in an intense and thought-provoking way, which hypnotises you into longing to hear more from this deeply interesting and intriguing band.

Waves Will Rise On Silent Water [EP] by A Sudden Burst of Colour

Words: Orla Brady


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