An Old Friend – The Doghouse

The new EP from An Old Friend, The Doghouse, contains three equally raw and intense tracks, which display the band’s ability to create a high standard of rock, drawing influence from other genres, in particular, metal.

‘Case Of The Bends’ opens the EP with a forceful introduction; the vocals are clear in the beginning, however become more distorted as the track falls deeper into a heavier and more metal influenced sound.

‘Like A Woman Scorned’ completely changes the direction of the EP, as it is much calmer and stripped back with a very acoustic feel, showing a more intimate side to the band.

The track’s end places the lyrics “women are sent from heaven, to put you through hell at the forefront of its conclusion, again, conveying a focus on displaying Dante Biagioni’s vocal ability and lyrics.

Closer, ‘Pirates Rule’ does not break the calm of the previous track in a gentle way as we are thrown back, heard first, into the band’s intensified combination of rock and metal, however the way in which the track’s chorus is extracted from the notorious ‘pirate’ song ‘Drunken Sailor’, shows that the band do not take themselves too seriously and by refusing to conform to a serious metal-band image are willing to experiment with their music.

The Doghouse EP by An Old Friend

Words: Orla Brady


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