Young Fathers – Shame [Big Dada]

Young Fathers single ‘Shame’ is the second released from their upcoming album White Men Are Black Men Too, and is a deliriously upbeat and skittish soul record, with lyrics sneakily sitting at odds to the music.

Nothing but a barefaced lie, is all you cunts can hold on to” opens the song, following the driving percussion and scratchy bassline, with some effect-treated vocals building to the sunshine explosion of a lo-fi choir and falling away with crazed lfos and keys and ending with a snippet of harmonised “oohs”.

It’s a journey of a record, serves as a counterpoint to the more downtempo previous single ‘Rain or Shine’, and from the majority of their previous work it’s undoubtedly more pop; similar in feel to ‘Get Up’, but unlike much pop it’s certainly not disposable, they’re a band with whom you can peel off the layers.

Words: Stevie Williams


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