Mickey 9s – ‘Psycho Control’

Who are the psycho’s and how can we stop them? This is the question Mickey 9s new single ‘Psycho Control’ raises in typical rebellious fashion.

At first listen this tune is undoubtedly worthy of their previous foot-pounding, crowd-stirring, work; it’s a rough, fantastically outspoken piece of music, inevitably easy to move to – as may be expected – and makes intelligent use of variations in rhythm to keep you on your toes.

But there has been a development, their, up until now, swelling satirical expression has come to a head, it has become explicitly vocal; in other words, Mickey 9s have left subtlety aside in delivering the singles message, and to much avail.

While the theme of corporate control is by no means new, ‘Psycho Control’ takes the issue to the streets of Glasgow: “down in the Clyde, preparing for invasion, the acid rain is in the river”.

It presents us with a resoundingly Scottish perspective with exemplary dry cynicism and a touch of ironic wit (“when I say run, you say fire. When I say burn, burn the city”).

The beat and the bass are the highlight in terms of musicality, the bassline is easily implanted in the brain and the syncopation: distinctly ska influenced.

Pay close attention, too, if you are interested in symbols, to the bridge at around 1:35, which imitates a club land beat which, thematically, the song obviously condemns.

In all, Mickey 9s have lived up to their reputation by separating themselves from the mainstream, they are definitely doing their fair share in keeping the rugged, cynical element in Scottish music alive, which is good to see in an epoch of gentle singer/songwriters and indie bands.

Make sure to ruminate their YouTube channel.

Words: Patrick McCafferty


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