Errors – Lease of Life [Rock Action]

Lease of Life is Errors’ forth album written and recorded in summer 2014 after a year break following Have Some Faith In Magic and Relics, both 2012.

It has been noted by a number of other reviewers that the title maybe fitting as the band return from their post 2012 burn out.

Yet the humour of the band isn’t missed on this site. #LOL

Errors have always displayed a very clear development in their sound and themes from release to release.

LOL builds on the vocals of member Steve Livingston, who first started adding effected vocals on Magic.

Female vocals appear courtesy of Cecilia Stamp and Bek Oliva for Edinburgh band Magic Eye.

With Errors the style of synth tones and textures used is almost as important, listeners can chart the bands influences and tastes as they developed from album to album and become more masterful in the studio.

LOL focuses on the hollow early 1990 tones, and some times hilarious use of synth choir/vocal settings, such as on the track ‘Slow Rotor’.

The female vocals and lyrics I find off putting at first, as it is such a departure for the trio, however the last minute of the track provides a reverbed warble of arpeggio lines that closes the track and folds it back into more traditional territory.

‘Early Nights’ is the track that best represents the bands post rock roots; a shoegaze drone marks the halfway point, a tradition that has been a staple of the way Errors structure their long players since It’s Not Something…

This is the only hint to the era of the band where they were tagged as “Mogwai with beats”.

Vocals again on ‘Dull Care’ followed by ‘Genuflection’ mark the centrepiece of the album; they mark a solid 12-odd minutes of the most emotive music of the LP.

Again this emotive tug is a strength that the band had begun exploring more with their last two releases.

Heady climbs and chasing phrases expand melodically and climax in the classic 1980s pop tradition with a synthetic saxophone solo.

Glasgow should be thankful for Errors, everything that has their stamp on it is near perfect.

One can only hope this appreciative audience is expanded by this album.

Like they become as big as The Saturdays… Lol.


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