Youngstrr Joey – Cheerleader [Number4Door]

Released on cassette by Number4Door Cheerleader is the next addition in what has been a steady stream of releases from Youngstrr Joey over the past six months.

You may know Cal Donelly (the man behind the Pokémon inspired alter-ego) as the bassist in Spinning Coin.

As Youngstrr Joey, he takes to the solo role well and this EP showcases that.

Opener ‘Michael’ sets the tone with rumbling lo-fi guitars and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days.

It’s not entirely clear who exactly Youngstrr Joey’s Michael is but that’s the beauty of it – everyone has their own version of Michael who they want to show them “how to be cool”.

‘Cheerleaders’ and EP closer ‘Cough’ are more up tempo, toe-tappers and fulfil his goal of being able to write a song you could be able dance along to, while ‘I Give Up’ is more of a slower song that asserts the gritty bitterness that is at the heart of the EP.

Cheerleader is rather mournful lyrically, but its absolute rawness keeps it authentic.

Overall, it’s like one of those Brain Licker sweeties that were popular in Primary School – enjoyable and addictive with a sour kick.

Cheerleader by Youngstrr Joey

Words: Hannah Moore

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