Errors at The Art School, 11/4/15

Following a recent winter retreat to the Isle of Jura, Errors are back with their new album, Lease of Life.

In a recent interview the guys revealed that part of the incentive to go to such a remote area was more than just to have some peace and quiet.

The Inner Hebrides historically also housed another creative, the literary virtuoso, George Orwell.

It was in this same area that he wrote his seminal piece, 1984; with a somewhat comparative level of mysticism and intrigue, they too emerge from the Isle with a wonderfully complex set of tracks, deeply furnished with suspended chords and ringing true to their tradition of post-electro mastery.

At first what seems to be a Celtic throwback becomes a glorious fusion of 80s drum sampling and Scottish harmonic modalities.

On stage there stands three guys with a few bits of kit, but the echoes fill the room with a larger, more eerie presence than is expected.

Simon, Greg and Stephen have proven their capacity to create melodic beauty and brought back an audible picture of the landscapes of Jura.

Errors are surely becoming part of Glasgow’s legacy of being home to some of the best acts in the UK.

More Photos

Words: Rachel Cunningham
Photos: Arpad Horvath


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