Drenge, PINS at The Classic Grand, 14/4/15

Fresh from releasing their second album ‘Undertow’ Drenge have hit the road again with a tour that includes their first Scottish date since they supported Peace at the QMU in 2013.

Opening for them are PINS who step out on stage sparkling with glittered cheeks and a strong sound and bring a good attitude and energy to the performance.

The venue is pretty full by the time they play and the crowd seem to be taking well to them; it’s refreshing to see a band made up of women in an industry dominated by all-male line-ups.

When Drenge, joined by touring bassist and childhood friend Rob Graham, step out on stage the atmosphere in the venue is euphoric.

Before the first words leave frontman Eoin Loveless’ lips, the crowd are already in a moshing frenzy.

Their music is the kind that grabs you by the collar and gives you a good shaking up with strong guitars and slightly masochistic lyrics.

They feed the recent appetite for rock music that has been seen in the past few years and has given bands like Royal Blood and Glasgow’s The Amazing Snakeheads (who have now sadly broken up) unprecedented success.

You can hear the difference in the songs from their debut that have been played over and over again in countless shows and the newer ones that are still yet to be played to perfection.

The audience still takes to the new songs well though, giving out excited screams when Loveless announces they’ll be playing lead single off the new album, ‘We Can Do What We Want’.

The crowd stop their guitar fuelled frenzy to stand still and throw their arms in their air as the band play the slower ‘Let’s Pretend’.

They don’t play an encore, but the crowd still stick around for a good few minutes in the hope of coaxing “one more tune” out of the band, still, they still managed to play most of their fan’s favourites and everyone seems pretty satisfied as they leave the venue.

There will be plenty of bruises in the morning, but seeing how they enthusiastic the crowd are they will probably see them as badges of honour.

Words: Hannah Moore


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