Rustie, Nightwave at Sub Club, 14/4/15

This is a tense one; its gone one at Sub Club and things don’t look to be filling up, but homecoming hero Rustie isn’t on til two so there’s no need to panic just yet.

The show’s move from a Friday gig slot at The Arches to a Tuesday club slot at Sub Club is a drastic one, but also should be one that gives tonight the potential to be legendary – putting one of Glasgow’s shining lights into the world renowned club space.

Rustie’s production style has seemed like a breath of fresh air for dance music in recent years, crossing over genres effortlessly with a maximal touch that has you noticing something new on every listen.

Last year’s Green Language release received a strong reception on the worldwide scale and was generally deemed a step forward for the Pollokshields born DJ and tonight was met with extreme anticipation by the die hards.

Rustie’s other half, Nightwave, gets a steadily growing crowd moving with an eclectic mix of hip-hop and grime enthused pop.

For someone that’s Sub Club ventures over recent years have been limited to Optimo nights, hearing tracks like ‘Ignition (Remix)’ and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Feeling Myself’ in the world famous club space feels odd, but in a good way.

It’s not as odd as the crowd however, who seem to be a mix of eager Rustie fans and young students out on the pull; there is cheap drink on offer, but you would have thought that the tenner entry might put off those just out for a wee winch.

By the end of Nightwave’s set and plenty of big tracks, Skepta’s ‘That’s Not Me’ and The-Dream’s ‘Yamaha’ among the bunch, the dancefloor is filling nicely although the wider club is well short of capacity.

Still, when Rustie does take the booth things start to explode and those here specifically for this moment rush to the front.

Oddly enough it seems his parents are watching, proudly and attentively from the side of the booth, a touching moment in a set that has some blistering highlights.

Dropping in tracks from his own production to other classics in a powerful hour-long set it’s hard to fault Rustie, but you do feel that if this had been a full house he would have pulled out all the stops to make this that bit more special.

People resist throwing water as he slots in two of his tracks with Danny Brown, ‘Break It (Go)’ and ‘Attak’, the latter of which sends the crowd up in euphoria as the set reaches a climactic end.

Tonight further emphasises Rustie’s talents and while it doesn’t quite hit those legendary expectations seeing Rustie in the Sub Club on the Green Language tour is certainly an envied talking point.


Words: Iain Dawson


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