The Bellybuttons – Mump [Fuzzkill]

As ominous as the title sounds, The Bellybuttons certainly offer a distinct approach to music making.

Long distant chords are the backdrop to all three tracks on the new EP.

‘I Guess’ sets us off and begins the story of what seems to be some kind of sense of loss, a relational breakdown.

The vocals demand answers and the guitar riff responds with something that sounds characteristic of sixties, psychedelic soul.

‘Something About Nothing’ goes a little deeper, darkening the tone of the EP, with even more dissonance, angst and what at times feels like despair; this one wants to be heard, but appears to lack direction.

‘Red Wing’, which is a lighter take on things, remains heartfelt, but this time the mood is one of hope.

Unlike the previous track, there are beautiful highlights coming from a chime-like countermelody.

It stays true to the theme of the first track while lifting the timbre to a brighter, lighter sound.

For only three tracks, this EP achieves a full exhibition of intelligent music, strong melodic presence and vocals that reach out to the ears of many.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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